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The UNC School of Social Work currently offers two graduate courses that focus on the Satir Model:

SOWO 742: The Satir Model: Enhancing Individual, Couple, Family and Organizational Health is a 1.5 credit hour course that will help students facilitate the healthy functioning of individuals, couples, families, and organizations. Using the Satir Growth Model framework, students will learn how to complete psychosocial assessment using family mapping, identify patterns of unhealthy communication, move clients through a change process, and utilize experiential activities to facilitate clients’ movement from problem behaviors to congruent responses.

SOWO 769: What We Bring to Practice: A Critical Look at the Professional Use of Self is a 1.5 credit hour practice course that will explore students’ professional use of self in clinical practice. Using the Satir Growth Model framework, students will examine how their personal characteristics and experiences shape their clinical work. Specifically, students will explore how their clinical work will be impacted by their personality, self-esteem, coping styles, beliefs, values, boundaries, self-care, communication strategies, family rules, and countertransference. Students will also examine how clinical work shapes clinicians’ development, and how self-care is vital to the maintenance of a congruent therapeutic practice.


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